Certification Exam – Preparation Classes

Recertification Process

Preparation Classes (refreshers)

The Grand Rapids Section offers classes to prepare for the ASQ certification exams. Certification Exam dates are as published at ASQ National and the preparation classes are held several times a year, coinciding with these dates. ASQ Section 1001 proctored certification exams are held at Davenport Lettinga Campus on Kraft Ave.

To sign up for a scheduled class, please go the “Events” page and find the session of interest. An expanded Education Matrix can be found on the Papers Archive Page under the Miscellaneous heading. You may also contact the section Education Chair at education@asq1001.org or the section Education Coordinator at edcoord@asq1001.org for additional information.

Some general information regarding these preparation classes...

Grand Rapids Section is currently offering the following listed Certification Preparation Classes. If you have interest in a session that is not listed or in having the session conduct a workshop for your organization, please contact the ASQ Education Chair.

Course descriptions and instructor bios can be found on the Papers Archive Page under the Miscellaneous heading.

Recertification Process

Recertification Tips:

Begin your preparation for recertification right after you earn a certification or recertification

Earning Recertification Units (RU’s)

Recertification packet contents

Submitting your recertification packet

Send in your recertification packet up to 6 months before or after your certification(s) expiration date – no sooner or later. Send to recertification chair:

Larry Barnsdale
944 Peaceful Drive SE
Byron Center, MI 49315

email Larry at recertification chair

Refer to the ASQ web site for information